Sunday, May 14, 2023

“Modernizing” Felicity’s School Outfit With a New Red Skirt

 One of the ladies in the historical sewing group I’m a part of was having a birthday picnic this spring, and I was invited to it. The theme was “White florals, Cottage Core, and Italian gown vibes”.

After I checked my calendar and told the hostess I could make it, I started thinking about my outfit. I was just about done making my Felicity jacket and it was crying “Wear me! Wear me!”

But this picnic was more of a “historically inspired” dress occasion rather than a “full historical” dress occasion. So I didn’t think wearing my full Felicity school outfit would be quite appropriate.

I toyed with wearing a dress I already had, but that wasn’t particularly exciting.

I considered making myself a new 18th century “Italian Gown” inspired every day dress, as I do have several “white florals” in my stash, but I didn’t really feel like doing that either.

I wanted to wear my Felicity jacket. 

So I started brainstorming how to make it more “Cottage Core” and modern than it was.

I decided I would wear it with a poofy, knee length, red skirt, no stays, and lace it up with a red ribbon rather than my lucet cord.

There was just one minor issue.

I didn’t have a poofy, knee length, red skirt.

So, a few days before the party, I made one.

I picked Butterick 6285 (a pattern I’d considered and rejected for my Easter skirt a few weeks earlier) and some BRIGHT red linen-look (as the Joann’s name would be) fabric from my stash.

Upon unfolding the fabric I had found in a bin of material I’d been given, I discovered there was not as much as the pattern required.

But I’d decided I was going to use it and use it I would!

I eliminated the center back seam, since it had a 1.5” seam allowance and eliminating it entirely would allow me to make the best use of the fabric.

I pieced the bottom “corners” of both the front and back panels (this skirt pattern is FULL! My fabric was 60” wide and that was still too narrow!), and pieced a section of the bottom of the back panel as well.

I pieced together the scraps that were left to make the waistband.

And cut the packets (enlarged of course!) from an entirely different fabric.

My free-range baby goats “helped” with the process.

The next day at work I hand sewed an exposed zipper down the center back.

I don’t generally hand-sew my zippers, but I had some time to do some hand sewing so I decided I might as well.

That night at home I assembled the skirt, and the following night I hemmed with with red bias tape.

The skirt really did go together quite quickly, under 3 hours, not counting the time it took to hand sew the zipper.

The picnic was on a Sunday afternoon so that morning I wore my new red skirt to church, paired with the Remy Raglan I made a couple years ago.

I received a couple compliments about the skirt!

After church I hurried home to “Cottage Core-ify” the outfit.

On went my floofy 1950’s ish net petticoat.

On went my Felicity jacket, laced up with red ribbon. (It doesn't lace up quite as nicely without stays, since the jacket itself isn't boned)

On went a red hair ribbon.

And, as a finishing touch, I decided to add my “Alice in Wonderland” white floral apron.

I was quite pleased with the results!

I went to the picnic feeling very well attired!

I enjoyed the outing and the company.

And what fun it was to have an excuse to wear my Felicity jacket so soon after finishing it!

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  1. That's a lovely skirt--I love how full it is! I should get the pattern myself. And I love the jacket again; it looks great both historically and modern-themed.