Saturday, April 4, 2015

Vaccinating goats

The Saturday before Easter. A beautiful spring day. Perfect for being outside.


And vaccinating goats. 
Well, maybe not, vaccinating isn't very much fun, but it needed to be done.


I fed all the goats in the lot and closed them up so they would be easier to catch.


Meanwhile, my little sister carefully drew up all the CD&T vaccines. 
(it prevents Clostridium Perfringens, an overeating disease, and tetanus. The goats get it annually) 


She did an excellent job!
Then outside we all went. My brother and sister caught each goat.


And brought them to me to give the vaccine.


Here my brother is holding Paisley, she and all the other babies are getting big!


Speaking of big, this is Harvey. He's a HUGE pasture ornament weather who was kept to be a cart goat, but never goat fully trained. He's Sombrita's half brother.


And here's my little sister with her baby, Chiffon.
I'm very proud of my younger siblings! By working together we got all 25 goats vaccinated, and the bucks wormed, in less than an hour!

Now that that's done, let's celebrate Easter, Jesus' death and resurrection. The greatest gift the world has ever received, freedom from sin. Jesus is risen, He has defeated sin!

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