Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Cape and Muff

I, somewhat unintentionally, had a theme going with the Christmas presents I gave this year - outerwear. My youngest brother got his camo jacket. Remember the purple plaid wool capelet I made myself? I made 6 of those capelets from plaid fleece lined in flannel. Light weight and warm, they were great gifts for my girl cousins. Then there was my sister. What was I to give her? She often wears her historical dresses to church (and other places) under a flannel cloak I made her last year. That cloak, however, isn't very warm so I decided my sister needed another historical looking wrap. A short, fur-trimmed cape and a fur muff were an order.

A while back I was given some scraps of tan plaid suiting material, and there was just enough for a short cape. In my stash I had about a yard brown flannel, perfect for the lining. So, I bought 1/4 yard of tan faux fur and got to work.

Yikes! That fur got everywhere when it was cut! First I cut a square to make the muff from. The remaining fur I cut into strips to edge the cape with.

A couple hours of sewing (after Christmas eve service, no less), then the cape and muff were done, wrapped, and stuck under the tree to be unwrapped a few hours later. 

I'd never made a muff before, and I didn't have a pattern, so I wasn't sure how the muff would turn out. Well, I shouldn't have been worried. The muff was pretty easy. A tube of flannel, sewn at either end inside a tube of fur. It's not quite as fluffy looking as I'd like, so next time I'll probably add an insulating layer as well.

This cape has already gotten quite a bit of wear, and no complaints about it not being warm enough! However, I'm thinking my sister might need something to keep her head warm, so next up a wool hood. Hmm, I think I might need to make myself one of those as well, better get started!

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