Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Warm, Waterproof, Camo Jacket (For a Firefighter)

4 layers of fabric and a zipper. One waterproof, warm, camo jacket for my little brother. That was the goal. I think it happened.

The outer layer of the jacket was flat lined with waterproof parachute cloth (we have an entire roll of the stuff in the basement). I couldn't find a thick enough lining fabric, so the lining is flat lined with thin fleece for extra warmth.

Someone gave me extra long quilting pins for Christmas, and they certainly came in handy on this project when I needed to sew through all 4 layers of fabric.

The parachute cloth was a bit slippery, and had absolutely no stretch to it, but all in all, the jacket went together pretty easily. I finished the jacket Thursday, then Friday evening my youngest brother and I delivered it to my brother at the fire station. Did I mention my younger brother is a fire fighter? Yeah, he's pretty awesome.

My brothers both appear to be pretty happy with their jackets. And having a bunch of firetrucks to look at and climb on is pretty great too.

And while you're exploring the fire station, you might as well try on your older brother's fire fighting gear.

I have two handsome little brothers, whom I am incredibly proud of.

It was fun to just get away from home and hang out with my brothers.

Also, how often am I gonna get the chance to make my brothers matching jackets? Seeing them both wearing something I made? That made me happy. Now, back home to hungry goats and a pile of dreamed up sewing projects!

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