Saturday, January 2, 2016

More Shirty Tunics

Remember back in September when I got a little obsessed with re-fashioning men's button down shirts for The Refashioners? I completed 6 shirt refashions during the challenge, yet somehow didn't get burnt out. Once the challenge ended I still had a few more shirt refashion ideas up my sleeve. First off, a tunic for my mom. Remember my sister's tunic?

It was probably the quickest and easiest of the shirt re-fashions. After I finished it my mom requested one like it. So, I went to the thrift store to find a shirt to make my mom a tunic out of. And, of course, I came home with more than just one shirt. I found this shirt to make into a tunic for my mom.

And a white linen men's shirt that I pretty quickly turned into this shirt for my mom.

Once that was done, I made my mom the tunic she had requested. It turned out cute, but a little plain.

While going through my sister's out grown clothes my mom found this cute little skirt. The colors coordinated perfectly with the tunic. My mom requested I use the skirt to embellish the tunic. So I cut a ruffle from the skirt and sewed it to the hem of the tunic. What was left of the skirt my mom turned into a belt.

This tunic is a great base to add embellishment to. 

Once my mom's tunic was done I asked my best friends if they wanted me to re-fashion shirts into anything for them. Well, Tori said she wanted a tunic too. So, I went to the thrift store and found this very soft green striped shirt.

There was only one issue, the shirt was a bit too short to be a tunic. In my stash I found some fabric that coordinated well with the shirt. First thing I did was remove the button placket from the front of the shirt. Then I cut the shirt in half. 

I proceeded to add a strip of the coordinating fabric between the two halves.

Then I sewed the button placket back on and made this tunic just like the other two. (full, step-by-step tutorial-ish thing here)

 As a finishing touch I added a fabric bow to the waist, and the tunic was done! It fit Tori perfectly and she was pretty happy with it!

I just love how this basic tunic can be changed up to reflect different people's individual styles.

Now I want a tunic like this! But first I have a few projects left over from last year to finish, so back to those I go. Check back regularly this month as I have quite a few thing I plan on finishing and blogging. Here's a hint, Tori wasn't the only friend I offered to refashion a shirt for. What did Erentry request? 

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