Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Thread and Buttons, That's (supposed to be) all

Thread. That was the only reason I went to Joann's. I need thread, and they had thread on sale. Of course I may have browsed their fabric selection as well, but really, the only reason I went in was thread. I had grabbed my thread and was on my way to check out, when it caught my eye. This gorgeous, printed, swiss dot cotton.

It was in the clearance bin, marked down from $15 a yard to $3.50 a yard. How could I not get it?? Id been admiring this fabric for sometime, I just hadn't had any reason to get it. I decided the new price was definitely a reason to get some. So I picked up 3 yards.

Back in the truck, on my way to Hobby Lobby for buttons, yes just buttons (they were on sale), I started thinking about what sort of dress I would make from my pretty new fabric. Then I remembered another fabric I had in my stash. Well, actually a set of sheets I picked up at a thrift store a year ago. These green striped ones.

They somewhat reminded me of the fabric I had just bought. Eek! To justify the fabric I had just bought, in my mind atleast, I needed to figure out what the heck I was going to turn my green striped sheets into. So, in the truck, driving to Hobby Lobby, in my head I designed a dress for my little sister from the green striped sheets, and a dress for me from the new fabric.

But I wanted a dress from the green sheets too! I bought them because I really liked the fabric! Ahh, the conundrum.

I got to Hobby Lobby, and grabbed my buttons. Then I realised they had McCall's patterns on sale. Being a sucker for a pattern sale I sat down and looked through the pattern book.

I found a pattern for the perfect dress pattern for my new fabric, but it looked nothing like the dress I had designed in my head. I really liked the pattern though, so I got it. Then I found two patterns I really liked for my little sister, so I grabbed those too. Neither one looked anything like the dress design I had in my head for the green striped sheets, but that's ok. I have a huge stash of fabric, I'm sure I'll find something for these patterns

Once I got home I sketched out the dresses that had been in my mind all afternoon. The one on the left is for me, the right, for my sister.

I got to thinking about how much green sheet fabric I had and figured out there probably was enough to make both my dress and my sister's from the green striped sheets. Perfect! Now I can use McCalls M7317 for my new fabric. So, with in the next month or so I plan on making all three dresses.

Even though I came home with quite a bit more than just the thread and buttons I intended to get (any body else ever have this problem?), I'm still gonna call this shopping trip a success. I bought fabric that I didn't really need, but I figured out what I was going to do with it and came up with a plan for some of the fabric I've had in my stash a while! So, apparently, in order to use up all the fabric I have in my stash I just need to buy more fabric. Well, ok, so maybe that's not the best idea, but bit by bit I'll use up most of my stash.


  1. heehee! I went to joannes to get denim for some new skirts.....
    hmmmm........... I left with denim,linen, and six yards of elastic...

  2. Yep, i can never just get what I went in for!

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