Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Off to El Salvador!

In five days I'm off to El Salvador! Yep, I'm going on another mission trip!
About a year ago I went to Guatemala. Going to Guatemala had been on my heart for a few years, so when the opportunity arose I took it. I considered going back to Guatemala, long term, to start a goat ministry. Well, as you know, I'm still here, in the U.S.
I have been praying for direction for over a year now, and I'm still not sure what I'm doing. I'm involved in good things here that I feel God has led me to be involved in. Guatemala, though, or some foreign mission field, is still on my heart.
So, that brings me to El Salvador. The church my youngest brother attends youth group at was planning a trip to El Salvador. My mom heard about it and suggested I see if I could go. I figured, why not? So, one week, I dropped my brother off at youth group and asked the youth pastor if it might be possible for me to go on the trip. He said he'd check and get back to me. So, I waited. Finally, three weeks later, he called to say, if I was still interested, I could go! Yes! I was going to El Salvador!
I am really excited about this! Of course my main goal for this trip is to demonstrate Jesus' Love to others, but I have another hope too. I am really hoping that this trip, going on another mission trip, getting out of the country again, will give me some more perspective in whether or not I am supposed to go to the mission field somewhere for an extended period of time. I want answers, and I'm hoping a change in setting will being me closer to those answers.
Now, what will we be doing on this trip? Well there are three separate teams within our team. A medical team, a construction team, and a street team. I'm on the street team. We will be sharing the Gospel with kids in different areas through songs, skits, and stories. I love kids so I'm rather excited about this!
So, in less than 5 days I will be on my way to El Salvador. I humbly ask for your prayers while I'm gone. Prayers for safe travels and health, but mostly prayers that Jesus will touch the hearts of everyone involved, those of us on the team and those we will be working with. Prayers that we will be able to effectively present the Gospel. It is our job to go where we are called, it's God's job to work through us.


  1. will be praying . How long will you be gone?

  2. I will pray for you. I went to Brazil when I was a teenager and then to England when I was 21. And so after a short while, I came to England permanently, having married a young man I met here! We wrote back and forth about 6 years. this year we have been married 29 years. ;-)
    Anyway, Never mind that. But what I wanted to say was that God will teach you things while you are there. If He wants you to do the goat ministry, He may want you to see the needs in other places, too. Maybe where you go they won't have a milk programme at all.
    And what I found out was that when I headed where I thought the Lord was leading, that I found out He had something planned along that path I had never thought of. for example, I wanted to go to Ireland, but the programme that summer for Ireland was unavailable and they sent me to England! And also while we have worked here, the Lord has sent people from countries all over the world for us to minister to...including having students stay with us at different times - 2 were from Brazil!
    You never know what God will do, but already you are being willing, and that is what He can work with best.
    Loads of Prayers for you. Sandy in the UK
    PS apologies for the 'lecture' feel of this! You don't know me, but I am reminded of how I was a girl on a farm in Maine and God has opened doors I never thought existed! So, I know He can do the same for a girl with a herd of goats and a heart for Him.

  3. Thank you so much for your comment! It didn't come across "lectury" at all, but very encouraging! I really love hearing other people's stories of how God has worked in their lives.